To Drown in Bleeding Hope

by Veldes



Recorded in September - November 2012

CD released on 28th March 2013 by Razed Soul Productions/Ominous Domain(US). Order it here: or via

Review rates:
9/10 - Metal Curse
85/100 - Lords of Metal
85/100 - Pure Fucking Metal
8/10 - Metal Soundscapes
7.5/10 -
71/100 - Heathen Harvest
70/100 - From the Dust Returned


released March 28, 2013

All music and lyrics composed by Tilen Šimon

Special thanks to:
Nik Košar for guest vocals and Žan Grintov for mixing and mastering



all rights reserved


Veldes Slovenia

Veldes is an archaic word from medieval times for Slovenian vastness of Bled landscapes beneath the forests and mountains of Eastern Alps.

It is also an atmospheric black metal band from Bled region, formed in July 2012 by Tilen Šimon. The quintessence of royal Bled's nature is the source of Veldes' dark and majestic audible shape entwined with somber lyricism.
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Track Name: Through the Bitter Flame
Away from the birth
into the womb of sorrow
through rivers of pain
under the earth of flesh

Beyond the misery
behold the jaws of isolation,
eternal despondency feasting
on our essence

Bleed this bitterness
so the soil can soak it
deep down in the core
of a dark devouring abyss

Mist drinks our screams
into the pale silence
and the sun is crushed
by the weight of crystal curse
Track Name: Featherless Across the Burnt Skies
Echoes of faith and hope
are lost in horizons,
these burning horizons
where life becomes ash
The birds of madness
with broken wings and decay in eyes
come to drink the loneliness,
this wretched loneliness

Featherless they fly
into starvation
where death is a hunger
and life the stench of past
Featherless they fly
across the burnt skies
where death is a fire
and life remains of ash
Track Name: Earth As a Nest of Bones and Debris
Between the woods and clouds
we walk through death,
where eyes cannot see
our own bleak reality

These collapsing mountains
are the shelter of my doom
This burnt sky and earth
are the nest of my darkness
Track Name: Within These Roots Only Sickness Dwells
As the sun rays shine
through these dying veins
Life inside is drained
and sorrow enthroned

Weary rotten leaves
fed with tribulation
slowly fall to ground
to cover the land,
to announce the end

Within these roots
only sickness dwells
putrefying the source of light,
stealing the juice of joy

There is no return
to the realm of green fire
The earth is now the queen
and a king among the fallen
Track Name: Beneath the Grieving Waters
Below the surface time is lost in void
trapped in emptiness, swallowed by daylight

Nothing has become everything
light under the sphere fades
under these firing rivers of pain
where life is cold as ice

Isolated within restless waves
heartbeat disappears
in the tomb of poisoned seas
below the dignity of blackness

Rest now as dreams in this kingdom
will never become alive again
and consciousness inside the
freezing light of darkened lake
is one with cleansing waters