by Veldes



CD released on 18th November 2015 by Razed Soul Productions/Ominous Domain(US). Order it here: or via


released October 9, 2015

All music and lyrics composed by Tilen Šimon

Special thanks go to Niclas Frohagen (guest clean vocals), Rok Rupnik (guest vocals), Ervin Bešič (guest acoustic guitars) and Žan Grintov (mix&mastering).



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Veldes Slovenia

Veldes is an archaic word from medieval times for Slovenian vastness of Bled landscapes beneath the forests and mountains of Eastern Alps.

It is also an atmospheric black metal band from Bled region, formed in July 2012 by Tilen Šimon. The quintessence of royal Bled's nature is the source of Veldes' dark and majestic audible shape entwined with somber lyricism.
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Track Name: Watcher Of Fading Light
I can see those trees moving,
yearning for one last bird's song
I can feel their restless spirits,
longing for the times that will never come

I can hear their hum of sadness,
crying out of loss and grief
I can taste their bitter blossom,
poisoned by my own deceit

I am those trees and I am the end of us,
I am the bitterness that flows inside

I cannot see the yearning of it all,
for my eyes have been stolen from me
I cannot hear the grieving cry of it all,
for I was deaf all my eternity
Track Name: Reign Of The Withered
I will drown in the tears of the earth,
drink the sorrow from her veins
I will sink into her eyes of a blue sky,
beneath horizons,
lay among the golden fields of wheat
beneath the sun, beneath the moon